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Thread Lifts

Thread Lift – Face and Body Sculpting 

Hollywood’s favourite skin rejuvenation treatments at CADMEN Cosmetic Clinic Toronto

Is it possible to resculpt your face and body without surgery? Definitely! Thread Lifts are non-surgical treatments that can help pull up and tighten your skin in a variety of face parts, such as nose, lips, cheek, jawline, brow, marionette, and neck. Thread Lifts can help correct your buttocks too.

Thread Lifts have long been Hollywood stars’ favourite treatment for skin rejuvenation. Want to look like your favourite A-list stars? Contact CADMEN Cosmetic Clinic and try Thread Lift today!

How Thread Lifts Are Done

The whole procedure is very straightforward. Thread lift helps improve your skin in 2 ways:

1. A nurse will insert thin, dissolvable threads underneath your skin that will be pulled to tighten your skin in problematic areas, such as forehead, check, neck, torso, and buttocks. The threads contain numerous invisible, painless “barbs” that helps the thread hold on to your skin.

2. After threads are inserted and adjusted, your skin’s healing response is triggered. Your body detects a suture material and products new collagen to fill gaps in sagging skin. The whole healing process is painless.

The whole treatment is very quick, taking only 30-45 minutes. Numbing cream will be applied onto your skin. After the treatment, you will be free to go back to work. The chances of side effects are low with minimal recovery time. A successful treatment can last 1 to 3 years, which is amazing!

What Parts Thread Lift Will Work

Thread Lift is effective on a variety of face areas and body parts. Here are all treatments that CADMEN Cosmetic Clinic provides.

Disclaimer: All pictures shown were taken from Google and are for illustration purpose only.

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