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Men’s Health

Men in their late 20s-early 30s often experience changes in their bodies. These changes, though subtle, affect men biologically and mentally, making men insecure about themselves, especially when it comes to intimate issues.

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

If yes, these are signs of men's health issues!

The good news: CADMEN Clinic can help!

As men are pushing into their 30s, they often experience gradual changes in their well-being and sexual health due to a decrease in the level of testosterone, the hormone that creates men’s masculinity and sex drive.

CADMEN Clinic is dedicated to helping men of all ages with their health. Our clinic provides cosmetic and sexual health treatments exclusively for men in a private environment that makes men feel comfortable during their appointments. All services are provided by urologists who are experts in men’s health.

We are proud to be one of very few clinics in the GTA’s that provide Male Sexual Enhancement Shot for men. Scroll down to read about the treatment.

Introducing Male Sexual Enhancement Shot

The Male Sexual Enhancement Shot is a non-surgical and natural treatment for men to help them correct their sexual dysfunction. The treatment uses the same Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) that CADMEN Clinic uses for our hair loss and facial rejuvenation treatment. PRP is extracted from the client’s own blood with no chemicals added and injected back into the client’s penile area to help treat men’s issues, bringing back the desired sexual performance and confidence to male clients.


  • Improve sexual performance naturally and non-surgically
  • Quick, no downtime required
  • Almost painless, only minor discomfort


P-Shot is administered within simple 3 steps:

  1. Our doctor will draw a small amount of the client’s blood and put it into the centrifuge machine to extract PRP.
  2. While waiting for the PRP to be ready, the doctor will numb the desired areas on the client’s penile area
  3. Once PRP is ready, the doctor will inject PRP into the desired areas. After the shot, the client is free to go on with their daily activities with no downtime required.

Introducing Dr. Omar Elahi

Dr. Elahi believes in providing the utmost care and compassion to his patients. After graduating from medical school in 2005, Dr. Elahi went on to complete his residency training at IU Methodist Hospital in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Upon completion of training, Dr. Elahi moved back to Toronto in 2015 to be closer to family and open up his own private practice. In addition to primary care medicine, Dr. Elahi has a strong passion for aesthetic medicine and sexual health. Dr. Elahi is also CADMEN Clinic’s co-medical director in charge of approving treatments administered at the clinic.

Recharge your sexual performance is just one appointment away


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