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IV Therapy

IV Therapy Treatments for Men

Non-surgical intravenous vitamin drip therapies for men at CADMEN Clinic Toronto

Replenish your body’s natural stores with Intravenous (IV) therapy at Refresh Clinic. We offer a unique formulation to help manage your body’s needs. Whether you want to fight fatigue, protect against infection, repair your body, or promote anti-ageing – our IV Infusion formulations are fast-acting and long-lasting to boost the body’s ability to improve your overall wellness. Our unique formulations are specifically designed to achieve your key objectives in any wellness strategy: Refresh, Recover, and Repair.


What is IV Therapy

IV therapy is a delivery method in which fluid containing vitamins, minerals, or medicine from an IV bag is delivered directly into the vein. An IV therapy session typically takes around 25-45 minutes to finish, and during the duration of the treatment, a client can comfortably read books, watch TV, use phones, or work on laptops as long as they sit still.

IV Vitamin Drip Therapy for Men at CADMEN CLinic Downtown Toronto

IV Nutrient Therapy at CADMEN CLINIC

Types of IV Therapies

IV bags can be customized with different vitamins, minerals, and medicines depending on the client’s health condition and needs. Currently, there are 8 types of IV therapies at CADMEN Clinic for you to choose, including:

  • Athlete IV (Myer’s Cocktail)
  • Energy IV
  • Weight Loss IV
  • Muscle IV
  • Super Immune IV (Vitamin C)
  • Hangover IV (Hydration Support)
  • Anti-aging IV
  • Stress IV

Contact us to learn more about each therapy and which one is best for you.

IV Nutrient Therapy Benefits 

  • Easy and convenient: A session normally takes fewer than 45 minutes and there is no downtime after receiving it. Clients can still work, use their phone, laptop, read books, or relax and watch TV during the session
  • Quick results: The nutrients are delivered directly to your bloodstream with an absorption rate of 99%, compared to 8% from normal digestion. As such, most people can feel the effects within the same day or after a couple of days
  • Various types of vitamins and minerals to choose from depending on each client’s need and health condition
  • Manage functional nutrient deficiencies
  • Fight fatigue
  • Combat dehydration
  • Protect against infection

IV Therapy Procedure Videos in Toronto

Growing stronger from the inside out 

Everything is just within a free virtual consultation


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