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Corporate Packages

We help increase your organization's performance

Did you notice any of these signs in your organization?

  • Employee performance has suddenly gone down
  • Increasing absenteeism and sick days
  • Higher stress + lower energy level among the whole staff
  • Appearance changes, such as tired eyes, wrinkles, and weight gain/loss, is often discussed in water-cooler talks
  • Less work commitment, higher turnover rate.

If you did, it is likely that your team members are experiencing wellness issues

  • 80% of Canadian office workers lack vitamin D and other essential vitamins, which leads to higher work fatigue, absenteeism, and lower productivity
  • Weight issues potentially lead to lower self-esteem and productivity, as well as higher health risks and chances of getting injured at work
  • Longer work hours, work-life imbalance, and increased stress at work give rise to several aging issues, such as hair thinning, wrinkles, eye bags, etc. These make employees feel more insecure about how they look, potentially affecting their productivity and even raising concern about being replaced with younger employees

Our treatments can help restore your employees’ health and confidence, bringing back their strong commitment and productivity to the workplace.

  • IV therapy that increases employees’ physical and mental strength with a ~100% vitamin absorption rate
  • Chin and belly fat melting that keeps employees in their best shape
  • Natural hair loss treatment, Botox, fillers, and other facial services that help employees combat the aging process

How our health and wellness program works

  1. Contact us: We will set up a meeting, in which we will take you on a tour inside our clinic and discuss the program further (virtual Zoom tour available)
  2. Register for our Corporate Health and Wellness program: We offer you 2 options to select:
    • Option 1: We will set up a corporate Health Spending Account for your organization. You will prepay $500 for each employee per year and get 20% extra ($600 as the actual amount an employee can use in a year).
    • Option 2: We will give each employee a $100 gift card. Your employees will get an additional 10% discount for all services. You won’t need to prepay for this option.
Corporate Health and Wellness for Employees

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