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a women recieving injections into her face

Why Young People Are Loving Botox To Stop Wrinkles Before They Start

While some people might be under the impression that botox is only used to treat wrinkles and thus only a good cosmetic option for the aged, botox is actually a great preventive method against wrinkles, fine lines and the like. When it comes to receiving botox treatments, the sooner the better to get ahead of the clock and stop unwanted signs of aging in their tracks.As reported recently by Forbes, the use of Botox among people aged 19-34 has risen by 87 percent over the past five years. No wonder, thousands of young people are turning to botox and loving it for the results, minimal pain and downtime associated with the procedure. To learn more about why young people are getting botox and loving it, read on. 


There are a significant number of known benefits to Botox, most likely a reason why it is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments around the world, including among young people. The benefits of botox are far reaching from its affordability, to effectiveness and accessibility. Over 6 million people enjoy getting botox each year, and that number is on the rise thanks to the many benefits of botox. Botox is not only affordable, but it is non-invasive, with only minor injections, there is little to no-downtime and it starts working right away and gradually increases. It is also available at a number of clinics including CADMEN Clinic in Downtown Toronto, and soon to be Markham. 

Who Should Get This Treatment?

Botox can be an effective treatment for almost anyone, not just those who are older and already showing signs of aging. While it can be used correctively afterwards to reduce the appearance of already present fine lines and wrinkles, it can also be used preventatively to stop them in their tracks before even appearing in the first place. People with lighter skin tones or complexions tend to be more prone to visible signs of aging due to the lack of melanin in the skin that makes it easier to damage with UVA/UVB rays over time. Additionally, those of caucasion descent tend to develop wrinkles at least a decade earlier than people from other ethnic backgrounds, and as such may be interested in looking into treatments such as Botox sooner than later. 

a woman getting botox injections in her face

Proven Preventative Method

When you move the muscles in your face, such as smiling, laughing, talking or frowning, it creates creases in the skin, much like when a piece of paper is folded. Once the piece of paper is unfolded the lines still remain, this is similar to how our skin retains fine lines and wrinkles over the years from many facial expressions. Time after time, these creases will become permanent and be visible even when you are not smiling or frowning. The use of botox as a preventive measure when you are young, can help to prevent and slow down this visible aging process. When used preventively at a younger age botox can help beat the signs of time before they are very noticeable. 

With all these benefits, and positive results there really is no time like the present to consider the use of Botox for your anti-aging needs. Check out our Botox treatments and more available to you at CADMEN here.  


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