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Why Are There Bald Billionaires If Hair Loss Treatments Actually Work?

As you most likely know by now, social media is full of many interesting characters, and everyone is free to share what is on their mind and express their opinion in an open platform. As such, as a business we sometimes run into comments like “hair loss treatments do not work, if they did why would there still be bald billionaires?” This got us thinking over here at CADMEN, and while we replied to this comment, decided that this may just be a great topic to discuss. After all, if one person has that question, other people around the world are bound to have a similar question too. So if you’ve ever found yourself wondering if hair loss treatments actually work on account of the presence of bald celebrities, read on below! 

amber roseThe decision or choice to get any kind of cosmetic or clinical treatment, surgery or procedure is a very personal thing, and not something that needs to be dissected or scrutinized by others. Just because there are many people in the world who can afford cosmetic treatments does that mean that everyone wants them. Following the logic that hair loss treatments don’t work because if they did, all people who could afford them would have hair, is like saying that no rich person should have any physical flaws or be considered “ugly” because they have the income to get procedures to fix those things. Just because you can’t do something does not mean you a) you should do that thing or b) even want to do that thing or get it done in the first place. Not everyone who is overweight gets weight loss surgery, that does not mean that it does not work, it just means some people do not want to receive it. The same thing goes for hair loss treatment, just because one might be balding does not mean they will choose to get hair loss treatment to fight it. 

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In addition to this, many people including both male and female celebrities choose to rock the bald or shaved head look. What was once only popular for men is now becoming more of a trend and a style for women too. Whether it be because of a job, home life, or personal preference lots of people have bald or shaved heads. Some examples include Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jadda Pinket Smith, Bruce Willis and Jason Statham. These are all big time A list celebrities who most certainly can afford hair loss treatments, yet they choose not to do so. This provides no proof that the treatments do not work, but merely shows their personal and style choices. 

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There are numerous known and effective benefits behind hair loss treatments, including both PRP and mesotherapy for hair growth. PRP is a natural procedure that uses platelet rich plasma from your own body to stimulate hair growth by up to 80% with no additives, surgeries, medications or downtime. Many Toronto celebrities including members of the Raptor’s have visited CADMEN locations for hair styling and treatments, Just because some people who can afford it choose to get a treatment, does not mean that everyone else who can will. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the different and effective options available at CADMEN you can visit our website here. 

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