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Mesotherapy: Is It For Me?

Chances are unless you’ve been doing a lot of research on hair loss treatments, you may have not heard of mesotherapy before. It’s an innovative formula that lies between calcium pantothenate and pyridoxine to stimulate hair vitality and hair growth, by providing a nutrient-dense environment for the hair to grow. It should be paired with PRP, platelet-rich plasma treatment, to get the best results. Mesotherapy is like the Robin to PRP’s Batman, think of it as planting a seed; the PRP is the water, and mesotherapy is the fertilizer. When they are used in combination together it has been shown to create the best overall outcome in terms of quality of hair, the quantity of hair and the efficiency of the hair growth and treatment. 

What is Mesotherapy?

Meso… Meso what now? Mesotherapy! Mesotherapy, which is like PRP and is an inexpensive non-surgical injectable procedure that uses vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and co-enzymes to combat problematic hair thinning. A nurse will inject a vitamin boost for your scalp into the affected areas to nurture the scalp and stimulate hair follicle growth. It is suggested for Mesotherapy be incorporated alongside PRP treatments to see the best results. Mesotherapy is administered 2 weeks after a client receives their PRP treatment, and each Mesotherapy session is scheduled one month apart. The treatment only takes a short amount of time, similarly to the PRP treatment, making it no extra strain on your valuable time, or the health of your scalp, it improves the health of your scalp and your hair, other benefits include:

  • Healthier and stronger scalp
  • Healthier and stronger hair 
  • Reduced rates of hair fall and shedding
  • Increased hair growth 
  • Increased hair thickness, density, and volume  


Mesotherapy is great, but as discussed its true potential really shines when it’s playing a supporting role to the main character, which is PRP. The main limitation of Mesotherapy is that it is not as active on its own, as it is when combined with PRP as Mesotherapy is designed to support the PRP process and not to be a stand-alone treatment per se. In addition, Mesotherapy works best on those who are in the early stage of hair loss with a good number of living hair follicles available on the scalp, much like with PRP.  It can be hard to find places that offer PRP sometimes, let alone Mesotherapy, as a niche treatment it is not performed at a wide variety of practices, however, it is available at CADMEN Clinic located in central Downtown Toronto, and with more locations like Markham, coming soon. 



As stated previously, it is highly recommended to incorporate Mesotherapy into your PRP routine for the best results. Many of our employees receive both Mesotherapy and PRP treatments, including one of the co-founders, and they can attest to the fact that they have found it is incredibly effective for them. If you are not yet into the advanced stages of hair loss where there are no living hair follicles left, then this treatment is most likely not ideal for your needs. However, if you are still in the earlier stages of hair thinning and hair loss this treatment is perfect for you when working in conjunction with PRP hair restoration treatments. 


Check Out Some Of Our Real Results From Real Clients

man who recieved mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a proven effective treatment for those dealing with hair loss and hair thinning; it works best when combined with PRP available at CADMEN Clinic

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