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Can Lasers Make My Hair Grow?

Lasers to help with hair growth, now you’ve heard it all right? Now, these aren’t the types of lasers you might see in action or thriller movies, they don’t cause any harm and are very low-power. In fact, low-powered lasers are used for many cosmetic treatments nowadays including LED light therapy for the face which can be used for anti-aging purposes to stimulate collagen and help reduce fine lines, to acne by using blue light to kill the bacteria and even post-acne marks including hyperpigmentation. These types of treatments can be applied at home through things like LED face masks, or laser helmets for hair growth. Laser light therapy is also being performed professionally at spas with slightly higher powered forms of technology that are applied for you by attending employees such as aestheticians. 

Laser Power For Hair Growth

Laser therapy is a treatment that some people use to try and treat hair loss by using low-power lasers to stimulate the scalp and encourage circulation causing the hair follicles to produce hair. The lasers radiate protons into the scalp that become absorbed by the cells of the scalp to promote hair growth. Laser therapy has pros and cons, but it is non-invasive and painless, however, you may need to receive the therapy or use the laser multiple times a week for months before new hair begins to show. Despite this, the American Academy of Dermatology backs up the effectiveness of low-level laser therapy for treating several hair-related conditions. The scalp treatment can help men who are suffering from hair loss after chemotherapy treatment, men who suffer from male pattern baldness, as well as people with the condition known as alopecia areata. Alopecia areata is a specific condition where hair loss is patchy, and the head is covered with several bald spots. Additionally, low-level laser therapy can be beneficial for the healing process after a hair transplant, as well as encouraging hair growth following a transplant. 

laser hair helemt

An example of a laser hair therapy helmet used for hair growth at home.


Light therapy can be beneficial for helping hair growth, and slowing down the process of thinning, as well as other uses on the skin, however, there are some limitations to this method, as there are for most methods. When it comes to laser therapy as it is a low-powered laser to be safe, it is not the most effective form of treatment for hair growth. Purchasing laser therapy helmets can be very expensive, up to $1500 dollars, and they have to be used consistently, forever essentially, in order to reap the best benefits, as such it can be an impractical option. Additionally, the therapy will have to be frequent and the helmets can be cumbersome making it hard to do things you need to get done throughout the day, or it’s just another thing you need to add to your daily roster. Finally, while the results are proven effective, topical therapies such as these will not be able to deliver the more advanced results that some people are seeking, they will not magically fix your hair.


While it is effective, laser therapy is not the most effective or efficient treatment out there for hair loss. It can be a great addition or companion to other types of treatments to try and help encourage hair growth from all angles, laser alone is often not enough to deliver the desired results. As such it is recommended to be used alongside other procedures that promote hair growth, including vitamins, PRP and Mesotherapy, all of which are other great options for hair growth that have varying levels of effectiveness and efficiency. Vitamins are an easy way to treat hair growth from the inside out, however, they are also not enough on their own. This is where PRP comes in, PRP is one of the most effective treatments available for men experiencing early hair loss and hair thinning. When used in combination with mesotherapy it is one of the best ways to regrow lost hair, as well as being convenient and overall affordable. To learn more about what you can do to treat your hair loss check out our website. 

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