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Hair Loss Medication: Oral vs. Topical

There are medications for everything nowadays as the world of science and medicine continue to advance both for treatment and for prevention of different conditions, including hair loss and acne. With the advancement and creation of such a wide variety of medical tools, there are now a variety of ways to ingest your medicine. Whether that be intravenously, also known as through IV, injected via a needle, taken orally as a pill or liquid, or applied topically like to the burn on a skin or on acne marks on the face and body. There are even medicated hair and body wash to combat common skin and hair concerns, such as acne and hair thinning in both men and women. The main type of medication we will be discussing today is for hair loss, mostly in men, focusing on two different medication options one that is topical and known as Minoxidil and one that is oral and known as Finasteride. 


Minoxidil (Topical)

As previously mentioned Minoxidil is the topical version of a hair loss medication, it is also one of the most common topical solutions used and advised for people dealing with early hair loss. Minoxidil is specifically developed for male pattern baldness, is meant to be used as such, and there are different versions of it available including in a solution or a foam at 2% potency which can be purchased over the counter, and 5% which can be obtained with a prescription in Canada, or off the shelf in the USA. 

This product should be used on a clean and dry scalp, however, the hair itself can be damp during application. When it comes to the solution it can be applied via a dropper very carefully as 1 millimetre or about 20 drops onto the affected thinning area, allowing it to dry before going to bed or adding other styling products and going about your day. When it comes to the foam, apply a capful of foam, part the hair where it is thinning, and allow it to dry completely before moving on with your routine. It is advised that no more than the necessary amount of this product should be used as an excess can be absorbed into the body and cause side effects like Eczema. Additionally, patients need to use this treatment for at least 4 months on a consistent basis to see results. 

3 vials of rogaine

Rogaine is a popular brand name for Minoxidil solutions.

Finasteride (Oral)

On the oral side of things, there is the medication used to treat hair loss known as Finasteride, while it is also used for the treatment of other conditions such as reducing enlarged prostate glands in men, it is commonly used to treat hair loss in men, and is not advised to be taken, women. Any open pills or crushed pills SHOULD NOT be handled or come in contact with pregnant or breastfeeding women at any time. The medication works by reducing the levels of a hormone known as DHT in the system, this hormone is related to testosterone which affects many parts of the body including hair growth. This medication can only be given via a perception from a medical professional and needs to be taken at least once daily with or without food in a pill format. It can take around 6 to 12 months before the change is noticeable, and there are some side effects, such as a slightly increased risk of prostate cancer and pain in the testicular gland. 


While these products are effective, there is only so much they can do as they are only medications and not treatments applied by professionals, which can often have better and faster results for people seeking hair loss solutions. As a result of this, our recommendation is to follow up on any medication with PRP and Mesotherapy if you are experiencing balding or hair thinning as the combination of these treatments is the holy grail of resolving early hair thinning and hair loss in men. When used in combination PRP and Mesotherapy deliver rapid, long term and effective results that only need minor upkeep appointments during the year, no need to use foams, take pills or apply liquid drops to your hairline anymore! In fact, we have many satisfied clients, but also employees who use these services and many young men have found this is the best treatment option for them. To learn more about Mesotherapy and PRP at CADMEN Clinic, and see real results from real people just like you, click here. 


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