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Does Taking Special Vitamins Help With Hair Growth?

While there might be some companies that try and tout “hair growth gummy vitamins” made of mixes of unproven ingredients, vitamins are essential for the proper function of the body’s various processes. This includes hair growth, which can be supported by vitamins such as biotin and iron which are beneficial for hair, skin and nail health. It can be hard to get an adequate amount of these vitamins in your daily diet, and as a result, supplementation may be helpful with hair loss and thinning. A big catch when it comes to supplements is making sure that the brand you are buying from is reputable and can be trusted with your health, for example, Inno-Caps which helps treat alopecia through the use of natural ingredients like silicium for hair strength.  


Benefits of Taking Vitamins For Hair Growth

Some benefits of taking vitamins for hair loss include that hair quality and volume will increase: due to the fact that vitamins are key components to the body’s natural functions such as hair growth. With an increased amount of vitamins the body will be able to produce hair not only faster but of higher quality due to the increase in supporting vitamins. Vitamins may be thought of as a company’s supply chain, while not the immediate thought for the most important aspect when compared to profit or gross however: a company’s growth will quickly be limited if supply chains cannot meet customer’s growing demands. Vitamins are effective and very easy for patients, simply take as many tablets as directed on the box for each required vitamin daily. This simple routine makes it much easier for patients to continue to take vitamins consistently. In addition to the convenience of only taking one tablet each day this method of treatment is also more affordable compared to “in-house” treatments which require patients to attend the facility and have specially trained staff to perform such treatments which can make it less affordable when compared to vitamins.



Inno-Caps are a powerful combination of actives that work in synergy to stop hair loss and promote hair growth through improved blood flow and rejuvenation of the still-living hair follicles, thus contributing to enhancing hair volume. These vitamins have been designed to boost the physiological elements that have shown to stop hair loss and in turn promote the growth of the hair. 

It stimulates microcirculation thus promoting the arrival of nutrients to the hair follicle and advancing the follicle activity that is essential for the development of strong and healthy hair. Furthermore, it achieves regulation of sebum production and reduction of androgenic activity in the hair follicle and protects it from oxidative damage. With only 2 tablets a day with a meal, these capsules begin working fast to target hair loss and begin the re-growth process. 

hair growth innocaps vitamins

Active ingredients and properties in INNO-Caps


  • Bamboo tabasheer extract – This mineral restores and strengthens hair. 
  • Zinc – This mineral promotes hair growth and also helps to control sebaceous secretion.
  • Vitamin B5 –  Essential vitamins for hair health and beauty
  • Biotin –  An essential co-factor that is involved in important metabolic paths in humans
  • Fenugreek dry extract – Promotes blood flow and hair growth 
  • Grape seeds – Strengthens Hair Fibers 
  • Taurine – Involved in the formation of the hair right from the roots
  • Arginine – Improves blood flow and promotes hair growth in the follicle 
  • Phytosterols – Is an anti-androgenic property derived naturally from plants 
  • Saw palmetto/Sabal -Inhibits the production of extra testosterone, as well as the absorption of DHT by the follicle 


To learn more about professional treatments and supplements available at CADMEN Clinic visit our website. 

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