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How to Deal with Post-Quarantine Weight Gain

After a long winter hibernation, and an even longer quarantine period, a lot of people may be feeling self-conscious about facing the world again with their new bodies. Many men and women alike have taken to social media to express frustration overweight during COVID. Now the weight is nothing to be ashamed of, and something no one should ever feel about, but sometimes it just feels better to deal with insecurity than to be haunted by it, and that is okay too, it is your body and your choice with what you want to do with it. If you want to gain weight, lose weight, or stay the same, it does not matter and is not anyone’s business but your own. With that being said, many people are looking to shed the pounds they’ve put on throughout COVID, so let’s take a look at some ways you can deal with quarantine weight gain.


One of the factors that have the greatest influence on weight is diet, aka the varieties of food that a person’s diet is composed of. For example, if someone eats a lot of processed foods like chips and candy or a lot of fresh foods like fruits and vegetables, these are different types of diets or variations in diet. The fundamental basics to reduce overall weight loss lies in the simple equation of calories in vs. calories out, in other words, a calorie deficit is necessary to lose weight. If someone eats 2000 calories and burns 3000 calories they will lose some weight, and if they eat more than they burn they put on weight. As each person is unique there is no ideal diet, it can vary for a person based on their individual goals, beliefs, and situation. With that being said, generally, a balanced diet is the best diet, and that includes fruits, vegetables, protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Foods that are high in sugar and saturated fat often pack hefty calories with very little nutritional benefit in return. Everything is fine in moderation, but as the old saying goes, we are what we eat, so it is important to look out for our health. 

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Getting a rainbow of nutrients is important for health


On the other side of the equation, we have the calories burned elements or the calories out. Calories are the energy used by the body. When calories are in a surplus over the number of calories used by the body over the day then weight will begin to accumulate, whereas if the energy exerted is greater than the energy ingested, the weight will decrease. Keep in mind exercise does not have to be going to the gym or running on the treadmill, it can be any physical activity that you enjoy such as walking, skateboarding, or dancing. Additionally, exercise has several benefits beyond weight control and they include the following. 

  • Bone and joint health. Exercise does not just benefit the muscles of the body but also strengthens the joints, ligaments, tendons, and bones of the body too. The musculoskeletal system benefits from regular movement and exercise to keep it limber, pliable, and in good working order. 
  • Heart and lung health. The cardiovascular system, including the heart,  is responsible for supplying the body with blood, and the respiratory system, including the lungs, is responsible for oxygenating that blood. Getting regular exercise, at least 30 minutes a day, is important for maintaining the health of the heart and the lungs, which are vital for the overall function of the body. 
  • Mental health. Exercise is important not just for the physical body but also for the mind as well. Exercise has been linked to lower levels of stress, reduced feelings and anxiety, and depression. Getting your heart pumping and your blood flowing is a great way to release endorphins and let off some steam to improve your mental well-being. 


Sleep is a vital process for many functions in the body to work as intended, and a lack of sleep can unforeseen negative consequences on weight and overall health. A lack of sleep has been linked to obesity through the increase of cortisol levels and decrease of growth hormones caused by sleep deprivation. A lack of sleep has also been linked to increased feelings of hunger and a hankering for calorie-dense foods to try and make up for low energy, additionally when you are tired it is harder to make the right decisions about things in your day to day life, including health. The less sleep you get, the greater the tendency to overeat the following day, and so on so forth. Beyond aiding in weight control, sleep has many other benefits including the following.

  • Boosting Immunity. Getting a proper amount of sleep helps your immune system in fighting off infection and disease, such as the flu or cold. The cells of the body need time to rest and regenerate to be able to combat sickness effectively. 
  • Improved Memory. A full night of restful sleep can help improve memory function, and sleep deprivation impairs a person’s ability to focus and remember things. This can lead to an increase in misremembering and makes it hard to learn. 
  • Better Mood. Your brain does many things while you sleep, one of them being processing emotions. You might have heard someone remark “let me sleep on it” when having to make a big decision, it is true that after sleeping we are often able to see things in a clearer view. People tend to have more negative reactions than positive ones when they are sleep-deprived because the mind couldn’t react the right way and recognize the situation. 

Belkyra Fat Melting 

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