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Are Hair Loss Treatments Worth It?

Is Hair Regrowth Worth the Dough?

Almost everyone wants a full head of hair right? Unfortunately, many men start losing their hair as they age, sometimes as early in their 20s and 30s. It can oftentimes be a priority to regrow that hair and seek out treatments to reduce hair loss and hair thinning, and enhance hair growth. Most men dealing with this have looked for hair loss treatments, but most of them have the same question: Is investing in hair growth worth the money?

The answer is 100% YES.

A number of studies have indicated that things like hair loss can make men feel more self-conscious, have lower self-esteem, and suffer from decreased self-confidence. All these things have an overall negative impact on quality of life, and can lead to issues with interpersonal relationships and having a successful social life. In this case, it is absolutely worth the money to invest in hair growth treatments to make improvements all around. 

Hair Growth Treatments

Hair Transplants

If you aren’t looking to spend the big bucks then a hair transplant is probably not the right option for you. While not all hair loss treatments are expensive, hair transplants tend to be the most expensive and can be over $10,000 dollars. The thing with hair transplants is that they should be a last resort due to their cost, and invasive nature. Hair transplants are usually only needed when there are not enough hair follicles left for other procedures to work, as such the scalp and hair are grafted onto the bald patches of the head. 

  • Invasive: Surgical operation involving grafting of the scalp and a surgical procedure
  • Wearying: Takes about 8 hours to complete, with days to weeks of downtime afterwards
  • Expensive: Can cost more than $10,000 for one treatment 

Affordable Options

Medication/ Vitamins 

If you are only in the early stages of hair loss, non-surgical treatments can be helpful at easing hair thinning and aiding hair regrowth. These treatments are not expensive and can be relatively easily obtained, however, if you are suffering from more advanced hair loss these options may not be enough for you. Some common inexpensive treatments for early hair thinning can be found below. 

  • Minoxidil is a topical solution that is known to promote hair growth in thinning areas
  • Finasteride is a medication that is delivered orally to aid in the reduction of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is known to cause hair thinning.
  • Vitamin Supplements such as B12, Biotin and Zinc can be beneficial in hair growth, strength and overall health 


There are a variety of options available to men who are experiencing early thinning and balding, including hair loss procedures and treatments such as PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma). This is currently one of the most effective non-surgical options on the market. It is non-invasive, with no downtime, and takes less than an hour for one session to be completed. Additionally, it is more affordable than some other options and costs less than fifteen hundred dollars. CADMEN Clinic offers flexible financing starting at only two hundred dollars a month, making it accessible to a significant amount of clients. To learn more about PRP you can click HERE.

man hair loss to more hair growth 7 months later

PRP is a great treatment for early hair thinning

Benefits of PRP 

There are numerous benefits to hair loss treatments such as PRP, including an increase in confidence and overall quality of life. PRP has some additional benefits that go beyond other types of hair loss treatment and they will be outlined in more detail below. 

  • Affordable: At CADMEN Clinic PRP cost less than $1,500, and with flexible financing plans it can start at $200/month 
  • Timely: Each session is only 45 minutes in length, and one session is required once a month for 3 months before the treatment is finished and full results will be visible. 
  • Non-invasive: Unlike other hair treatments such as transplants, PRP only involves small injections with an ultrafine tip needle, for ease, comfort, and no downtime 

Is $200 per month for fuller hair and a fuller life expensive? We don’t think so. 

Check out the CADMEN Clinic today for effective hair loss solutions at https://cadmenclinic.ca 

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